My creativity is stimulated every time

Margit Mulder

Advertising and

Communications Director

I have had a long career as a professional in the creative communications industry, working for major advertising agencies, social impact marketing agencies and latterly being self-employed.


I never tire of the joy of creativity – new challenges, new ideas, new projects, new art, new fun. 


I particularly value when I can help other people put a smile on their faces through participating in creative exercises.


This has led me to get involved in a range of things I just love – design projects, community-focused art projects and much time producing children’s story books and the surrounding paraphernalia about my hero ‘Squarehead.’ The books encourage kids to dream big, and value others as well as themselves; ‘It’s OK to be different.’  


I also work as a creative therapeutic wellbeing practitioner, offering 1:1 and group creative therapeutic interventions to children and young people in distress, who may present with emotional, social, behavioural and mental health issues.

Much of the delight of working on creative projects is in the detail and the immersion in the design and development.  Naturally, this involves many hours of being ‘in the flow’ – that blissful state when nothing else in the world seems to matter except making the piece as good as it can possibly be.  These times are amazing and gratifying, but are by necessity experiences which are solitary or carried out in very small groups.

Over the years, I have learned that it is important to take a pause sometimes, to ‘go to the well’ and refresh before the creativity becomes tired or stale.  Meeting with groups of people and working in the design space is one of the critical tools I use to achieve this.

I must have attended dozens of seminars, creative sprints and mini-sprints, both in real-life and online, with the Revolutionise team. 

I find that the re-focus and refreshment the process and group brings to me always sparks off a new idea, a new insight and, often, births a new project for me to immerse myself in.

I have so many stories, because the group of people attending is different every time.  I have met fascinating people from all walks of life and we always find something new and wonderful to take forward.

For me, every time I delve into design thinking, it simply starts one more chapter of a life story which I hope to make as creative as it can be.

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