• Svein Åge Johanson, CEO, Profundo CRM

We have achieved 260% growth and are still going!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Lightbulb moment: “Inspiration came in a heartbeat the moment we realised, for the first time, that our customers were banking almost exactly one million kroner per day!”

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Profundo is a market-leading CRM, technology and consulting firm in Norway. The company’s management and representatives from all departments undertook a design sprint with the team at the Inch in 2012.

Their aims were:

· How to accelerate growth in the business.

· How to align and energise the staff team.

Initial conversations focussed internally and looked at products, services and structures. Interesting enough, but this internal focus didn’t produce the emotional excitement and strategic focus they were looking for. But…

“As we delved deep into the human aspect of the process, something magical popped out.” CEO Svein Åge Johanson said. “Profundo is unique in Norway as we process our customers’ financial transactions daily and we are able to amalgamate and consolidate this data anonymously.

“Inspiration came in a heartbeat,” he said, “the moment we realised, for the first time, that our customers were banking almost exactly one million kroner per day!”

Johanson explains further:

“This insight caused great pride and energy in the room. It’s something to which every single one of our staff contribute – from the head of sales to the data and coding technicians and the reception supervisor.

“It took a matter of minutes to agree on our strategic aim – for our customers to process two million kroner per day! If we achieved this, everything else would grow – our market share, our customers’ delight, our turnover, our profit and our sense of pride and ownership.

“We did then, of course, spend many hours going through the detail and applying the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to this audacious goal. This became a simple process, because all these logical developments easily and smoothly lined up with our powerful, focussed, emotionally driven ‘why.’

“We achieved our new external target within two years, with all the commensurate growth associated with it and by 2020 are processing 2.6 million kroner per day. We publish this figure daily on our website to keep the focus and energy up. It is super exciting as we are rapidly closing in on a figure which adds up to a thousand million kroner (yes - a billion kroner – wow!) in a year.

“A strikingly memorable moment was from one of our data technicians, who exclaimed: ‘You, see, geeks are human too!’ I think that is the best insight there is into the importance and value of working in the design space.

“We have no intention of stopping. The new CRM launces soon (that’s the blue dot in the chart below), and we have every intention of driving yet more growth in the fresh surge.”

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