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Join the Revolutionaries!

The Revolutionaries are a dedicated volunteer team of Revolutionise evangelists. 


It's a two-way relationship where we provide unparalleled opportunities to grow your income, meet exciting new people, continue on a path of rewarding personal development, learning and professional growth, and stand out from the crowd.

In return, the Revolutionaries spread the word about our fantastic programme of events - helping us to reach new audiences and ensure the events are full of forward-thinking professionals.

Why join the Revolutionaries?

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Grow your income

  • Commission on every ticket you sell to any Revolutionise event

    • The more tickets you sell, the more your income grows!

  • Raise your business reputation and grow your networks through affiliation with Revolutionise and attending our events

    • Huge potential for meeting new clients and further income growth.

  • Future opportunities for paid participation at Revolutionise events

    • As a facilitator, speaker, faculty member or event collaborator.

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  • Exclusive community of like-minded Revolutionaries

  • Private LinkedIn group and private WhatsApp chat group just for Revolutionaries (if you opt-in)

    • Keep in touch, bounce ideas around, encourage each other, generate lightbulb
      moments and collaborate on other projects.

  • Revolutionaries-only social and networking events

    • At least two per-year online and at least one per-year in person in Scotland.

  • Meet like-minded, forward-thinking professionals at Revolutionise events

    • Up to 25 people at each online event and up to 250 people at the biggest in-person events

  • Exclusive reception at any in-person events you attend

    • Joined by other Revolutionaries, plus the Faculty Members and speakers at that event.

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  • Free place on the online Great Creative Thinking 1-day masterclass (ticket price usually £249pp)

    • Choose a day that works for you – Wednesday 15 June, Thursday 7 July or Tuesday 16 August 2022.

  • Experience rich learning, personal connections and multiple lightbulb moments
    at Revolutionise events

  • Exclusive Revolutionaries-only Q&As with speakers in selected videos from our YouTube channel

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Constant Learning

  • Continual learning, growth benefits and group coaching from:

    • The Revolutionaries LinkedIn group

    • The Revolutionaries WhatsApp chat

    • Exclusive networking meetups

    • Revolutionise events.

  • Learn about cutting edge future trends, ideas and opportunities at all Revolutionise events you attend

  • Your benefits and learning will continue to grow the longer you remain a Revolutionary

    • With a rapidly growing global programme of events and an international teaching faculty, this is your chance to get in at the foundational stage of Revolutionise and be an integral part of our long-term Kai Zen process.

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  • Your photo and bio will be added to the People page of our website (if you so wish)

    • Clients will know to reach out to you with enquiries about Revolutionise events, and to meet you in-person during the events.


  • Receive a special accreditation lanyard to wear at in-person events so attendees know that you are a Revolutionary (if you so wish)

  • Be introduced as a Revolutionary at the start of any online events you attend (if you so wish)

  • Your professional reputation will be raised purely through your close association with Revolutionise.

To apply to join the Revolutionaries simply email

What are the selection criteria for Revolutionaries?

  1. Are you a successful, forward-thinking, motivated and engaged professional?

  2. A high energy person who makes stuff happen and acts on your ideas?

  3. Do you love learning and finding new lightbulb moments?

  4. Do you want to have a positive impact on the world?

  5. Are you an exuberant radiator?

  6. Will you be able to commit the time needed to promote Revolutionise events to your network and motivate them to attend?

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How do I
meet my tribe?

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How do I
meet people who elevate me?

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How can I
grow my income?

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How can I learn about new ideas?

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How can I focus better and get into the creative flow, over and over again?

Apply to join the Revolutionaries!

Simply email