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What Is Behavioural Design And Why Should You Care? 

Tom is a clinical psychologist who after 6 months working in a mental institution decided never to practice psychology in the medical world again. From qualitative researcher, strategic planner, creative director, business founder and TED speaker: Tom has done it.

As your host for the Behavioural Design Fest 2021, he will present us with his power session ‘What is Behavioural Design – and why should you care?’

Tom’s session will give you a fast-paced tour of behavioural design principles and, critically, give insights into the scope and potential of what you can do with them.


Tom De Bruyne

Changing Outcomes at Scale, with Speed

Iain MacRitchie is Scotland’s leading expert in changing outcomes, quickly, at scale.  Over a vast career in corporate accelerations, turnarounds and start-ups, Iain helped change the outcomes for tens of thousands of leaders, employees, shareholders and customers all round the world.


Now, Iain leads a pioneering organisation, MCR Pathways, seeking to change the outcomes for the most disadvantaged children in our society – at scale.  Piloted and developed in Glasgow, the MCR Pathways approach is now rolling out across the UK with dramatic change in the outcomes for the children.


Iain will speak on the behaviours, actions and insight you need to drive dramatic outcome change.  He will draw from both the corporate and social sectors and leave you with insight and an immediate urge to act.


Dr. Iain McRitchie


MCR Pathways

Design vs. Societal Challenges

Nynke Tromp is a champion of the hidden power of design to counteract social problems. A former practitioner of social design, she now researches and teaches Social Design & Behaviour Change at the Delft University of Technology. Nynke is also part of ‘Redesigning Politics’, a creative think tank aiming for redesigning thinking, institutes, structures and interaction in the field of politics.

Nynke’s talk will focus on how to harness the power of design to combat the pressing social problems we face today, like obesity, depletion of resources, or immigration issues.  


She will also discuss the ethical challenges of products and services changing behaviour without people being aware of it. When products and services can change behaviour without people being aware of it, what does that means for business owners and policy developers?


Prof. Dr. Nynke Tromp

 Social Design and Behaviour Change,

Delft University of Technology

Design for Sustainable Change

Tim Versnel, born in the woods Germany and raised in the city of Rotterdam, is an author, blog-writer and behavioural design practitioner. In his spare time he’s a city councillor in Rotterdam in a coalition that’s radically reintroducing nature to the urban environment.

Tim believes passionately that we must bring our society and production back in balance with nature – and that we can, if we bring ourselves to be ruthlessly and religiously pragmatic in how we go about it.


Tim will speak on what must change, what the pitfalls are, and how it can all be done.  


Tim Versnel

Authors and Behavioural Design Lead

SUE Behavioural Design

The Habits of High-Performing Teams

Astrid is a social scientist who works in the space where science and creativity meet. As an experienced strategy and conceptual thinker, it makes her heart tick to help people unlock behavioural science's power to make better decisions in work, life, and play.


Her daily fascination is to translate the breakthrough insights of behavioural science into practice. In a way, it can help gain more success for everyone. Not just for a happy (or powerful) few.

Astrid's talk will inspire you on how insights from the science of influence can help you design habits that will make your teams flourish.


Astrid Groenewegen

Irrationality in Political Decision-Making

Renowned politician, author and former party leader, Klaas Dijkhoff will dissect the irrationality of decision-making in politics and show how insights from behavioural science are needed to find new solutions rather than simply repeating old mistakes.

His talk is not focused on the politics of one-liners, tweets or short statements in the news. Nor the politics of criticizing others and the question of who wins or loses. If you want more of that, it's enough to turn on the TV.

Klaas’ talk is about a politics of reflection on society, thinking about the problems we face and talking and thinking out loud about the solutions. It's about bringing more people into the middle class and creating a thriving local business community. About meeting climate goals, being safe, and how we go about living together in a time of bitter identity struggle.


Klaas Dijkhoff

Politician, author and former party leader and Secretary of State for Security and Justice, Netherlands

Read about Klaas' book here (in Dutch).  

On Designing Experiences

Creative power source, director and CEO Peter Higgin joins us from Punckdrunk Enrichment, a charity creating transformational theatre for schools, community and family audiences.

For more than 20 years, Punchdrunk has rejected the passive obedience usually expected of audience in favour of infectious storytelling and roaming formats, long before UX and user-generated content was a thing.

Peter will speak about designing immersive and engaging experiences that change lives, build communities and inspire action. He will share his experience about what it takes to create powerful impact. 

Peter Higgin

Director of Enrichment and Joint CEO,

Punchdrunk Enrichment

Finding Purpose

Organisations, business, groups and people all need a purpose. A shared one. Alan takes a deep dive into this subject, emphasising real purpose throughout. It’s no good to have a woolly, ambiguous and unemotional purpose. That won’t work. A crisp, precise, deep and inspiring one will. It will spark you into action and you will fall back on it repeatedly when times get tough.


Alan has spoken to large audiences and delivered purpose workshops in more than thirty countries. His client base ranges from UN agencies to Highland businesses and from Australian enterprises, American corporations, South African NGOs to Romanian social enterprises.


Alan was an interrupter before disruption became a fashionable thing. He combines scientific research with emotion, storytelling and biting humour to inspire and really drive learning points home. He is a high energy speaker, and will cover:


  • What, really, is a sense of purpose?

  • Why is it so important?

  • How to find it if you don’t feel it.

  • What to do when it changes.


Alan Clayton



Behavioural Design Fest 2021
Join us for a unique showcase of interesting people who work on positively influencing minds and behaviour. Get inspired by the latest Behavioural Design techniques from the worlds of academia, business, politics, science and theatre, and leave empowered to kickstart the changes you want to make!
14 Oct, 09:00 – 17:00 BST
Crossbasket Castle Hotel,
Stoneymeadow Rd, East Kilbride, Glasgow G72 9UE, UK