The world is a complicated place. Every day human beings are presented with a terrifying array of options, even for the most prosaic of our daily functions. 

And the more complex life becomes, the more problems we have to solve and the bigger those problems are. Whether at work or at play, the complexity of the situations we find ourselves in can be overwhelming. Decisions, decisions everywhere…

At Revolutionise we believe that people's daily lives could be vastly improved if we could better solve our problems.

The idea behind Revolutionise was born from years of experience delivering problem solving seminars to organisational clients. Long before Design Thinking was trendy, our team had been implementing its fundamental principles on a daily basis and using them to solve their problems in powerful new ways.

So if you want to solve your problems as they did, wouldn’t it be handy if someone had sifted through all those endless studies in behaviour psychology, pored over cutting edge research in design thinking and created a system for cutting through the layers of anxiety and stress to get to the heart of absolutely any problem and then present you with a road map for solving it quickly, efficiently and with maximum impact?  

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Revolutionise.


Alan Clayton - Speaker and Director

Alan has 25 years of experience as an inspirational speaker, creative director and consultant in the design thinking field. Having built and sold his London-based agency, Alan has spent the last decade travelling the globe as an expert in creating charity growth. He has worked with over 350 clients in more than 30 countries, ranging from global giants such as UN organisations to individuals seeking change.

Alan’s work is based on behavioural research and the proven methods of co-creation and design thinking.  His specialisms are board and executive team development, behavioural insights, creative processes and inspiration.

Malene Fregil - Seminar Facilitator

Malene has an MA in Applied Cultural Analysis for the University of Copenhagen and a career in Learning Design. She specialises in designing, producing and delivering seminars that build the capacity of individuals to create change in their communities, organisations, small businesses and in their own life.  She is a published author in the field.

Malene’s key interest is in the point where the hard and the soft sciences meet: the study of how we as humans behave, relate and create meaning, and those learnings can be harnessed to make things better.

Soraya Khan – Managing Director

Soraya’s background is as a performer and creator. As well as a successful career as a classical musician, she has also worked as an international commercial lawyer in the Middle East, a tax lawyer in Switzerland and family lawyer in some of Europe’s most deprived areas.

In Soraya’s experience, people wrestle with the same life choices and problems, regardless of situation or socioeconomic status. She believes Design Thinking is the tool best placed to assist people in identifying and solving their problems.

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