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Jayne George,

Director of Marketing, RNLI

'A huge increase in income and long-term value'

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'At our first sprint held at a Lifeboat station, the RNLI team generated most of the simple but powerful ideas, prompted by the environment, the process and the external facilitation and creative teams.'  

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Jeff Cockfield,

Therapist and counsellor

'I finally caught the fitness bug'

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'I am not yet an athlete, but I have gained the habit of exercise and do so daily and practically always hit my 10,000 steps, barely thinking about it...'  

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Steve Boyd,

Amateur racing driver

'I created a winning habit!'

'When I attended a design sprint at the Inch, I presented with a particular problem I wanted to solve; that despite many years of thoroughly enjoyable racing, I had never won a race...'

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'A strikingly memorable moment was from one of our data technicians, who exclaimed: ‘You, see, geeks are human too!’  I think that is the best insight there is into the importance and value of working in the design space.'

Svein Åge Johanson

CEO, Profundo CRM

‘We have achieved 260% growth and are still going’

Mountain Ridge

Margit Mulder,

Advertising and Communications Director

'My creativity is stimulated every time'


'For me, every time I delve into design thinking, it simply starts one more chapter of a life story which I hope to make as creative as it can be.'

Castle Stones

Soraya Khan

Managing Director, violinist and lawyer

'I've found my inner entrepreneur'

'It’s quite a revelation to realise you don’t have to be miserable to put food on the table. Design Thinking helped me be brave enough to get out of my comfort zone and find my true fit.'

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