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What is your dream? Your vision? How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? What. Is. Stopping. You?
Chances are, the way forward involves change. Not just change, but great change. And that’s scary, if your ambition is great enough.
The thing that will get you focussed and energised … to change … to grow … is a simple truth, a lightbulb moment that exposes the cobwebs of doubt and powers you through them.
That’s where Revolutionise takes you.

The What, How & Why.

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What we do.

We help you create lightbulb moments. It’s that simple.

Those moments when you can physically feel the switch flip.

Every problem or bottleneck or conundrum, be it personal or organisational, is caused or exacerbated by complexity (too many options and activities) and fantasy (misguided aspirations and opinions).

These problems are solved by using Great Creative Thinking to turn complexity into simplicity and fantasy into truth.  Only then will you find your lightbulb moment and drive forward with positive and pacey action towards solutions.

We unlock your natural talent for Great Creative Thinking. 

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How we do it.

We have identified the 4 P’s that elevate creative thinking into Great Creative Thinking:

Place – Being in the best possible location to think creatively
Psyche – Getting into the right mindset and emotional flow for creative thinking
People – Learning from and working with the world’s best creative thinkers
Process – Our secret sauce from 20+ years of leading successful creative sprints.


We get it — and we’re the partner that can provide all four of these at the level you need to turbo-boost your thinking 

Click here to learn more about the 4 P's

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Why we do it.



It’s fun. For everyone involved.

It’s really important, and really hard.


And it’s satisfying.


Not to mention incredibly inspiring.


We love helping people, companies and organisations solve problems — sparking great change and making your world a better place, one lightbulb at a time.

We’ll help you revolutionise your thinking, your processes, your outcomes. Our name is our promise.


We are Revolutionise, and your lightbulb moments are waiting.

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But seriously....

Yes, the tone of our writing and other communications makes all this sound fun.  This is deliberate.  People do their best work when they are enjoying it.  Great creative thinking is achieved when work is turned into play, when slogging is replaced by exuberance.

Rest assured that behind our upbeat and playful tone, there is a business of the most extreme seriousness.  Great change is important, great creative thinking is hard.  All our work is founded on the most rigorous scientific principles and backed up by both hard and soft research.

If you, your directors or procurement or HR people need to know more about this, please contact James Tennet and we will be delighted to arrange to speak with or present to you.

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